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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I discovered two things today...

The first thing I have discovered is the Children's Clothing Exchange in Cordova, TN. Today is the first public sale day and I wanted to go while there was stuff to get. The first day of a consignment sale is always the best day to get the best clothes, shoes, and toys. (The private sale that is only open to consignors and volunteers is the very best, but you have to consign or volunteer in order to shop on those days.) When you go on the first day, you sacrifice the amazing 1/2 price deals in order to get a better selection. The 1/2 price sales usually happen on the last day of the sale and then you get whatever is left. I recommend, when you're just learning about consignment, that you go on the first day of a sale at least once and on the last day at least once. That way you can see the difference and decide what is best for you. Some people go to the same sale twice to get selection and great deals. (Really, everything is a deal when you are getting unworn or softly worn clothing for 10%-25% of retail prices.)

Back to the specific topic at hand... I have been to quite a few consignment sales, but this one (Children's Clothing Exchange) had the best selection I have seen so far. They had super cute clothes! They also had lots of designers and name brands. The prices are a little higher than your typical consignment sale, but that is because the original retail prices are much higher on this type of clothing, so the percentage stays about the same. I would definitely recommend this consignment sale. Oh, by the way, they have clothes all the way up to juniors sizes. I saw some super cute dresses and other clothes that I totally would have been into if I were a size 0 or 2. =)

My second discovery: This awesome website with tons of hair, makeup, and other beauty tips. I love all the tutorials. Lauren Conrad has many tutorials for hair and makeup on the website. LC is one of the three main contributors for content on the website. Check it out!