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Sunday, July 14, 2013

I can blog

I can blog, I can blog, I can blog. I've just been reading some super cool blogs and I find myself thinking, "I can do that!" I love decorating, art, have writing skills, tech skills, know my way around a camera, and friends have known me to do a DIY project or two... Or 50. So what's holding me back?


There's never enough time in the day to work out, raise 3 children, take care of home, hang out with friends and family, live on a budget, be artistic and creative... And then to also blog about it. Or maybe there is if I can find the balance.

Balance in life,  balance in decorating... It goes on and on. Right now,  I'm learning balance in decorating. Look for balance in height, in scale, prints and solids, bright colors and neutrals, etc. I struggle with all of this in my itty bitty, 1100 square foot house. We have so many things and it's hard to decorate with too much stuff. I've been slowly decluttering and yesterday, Mike and I cleaned all afternoon and into the evening to get things in order.

Boy,  does it feel good to have a clean house!

I still have so much more to do in every room in my house and if I can keep up with this blogging thing, maybe I'll post more photos as I do it. For now,  here's to taking the next step.