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Monday, November 3, 2008

So I've been staying busy... a little too busy, I think. At work, I've been building a website. I think it's pretty much ready to publish. Yay! It's been a little stressful because I like doing things right the first time and it's somewhat frustrating to have to mess around until I figure out how to do things. This is my first time building a website and I had to learn to use Dreamweaver (which is a great and easy-to-use program, by the way). I got mastitis this past week and it was nasty, but short-lived. Somehow, I must learn to slow down a bit. I get stressed out about trying to get my work done (with my son at work with me), spending quality time with my son, keep my house clean, spend time with my husband, spend time with my family, do swing dance stuff, church stuff, etc., etc. I enjoy these things, it's just that I don't feel like I'm doing them all adequately and that's what stresses me out. On top of that, I'd like to make more friends and spend time with the friends I have and also spend some time on the things I enjoy doing- like painting and playing music and writing songs. But by the time I get finished with all the things in the day, I'm usually too worn out to do these things. Oh well, one day it'll all slow down and I'll have more time! =)

David is cuter than I could have imagined he would ever get and he seems to get cuter every day. (Is that possible?) =) I'm posting a couple of photos here. David is a handful, but he makes my life wonderful! He is worth everything and more.


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Always Been Different said...

David sure is growing fast and he is just so cute... and what can I say about your mom other than she looks FABULOUS!!!

sure do miss y'all