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Sunday, July 27, 2008


From the time we are infants, we learn to imitate. As we grow older and come into contact with more people, we learn to choose whom we imitate.

Almost everything we do is imitation- speech, movement, thought, etc. The thing that makes the difference in people is who and what we choose to imitate. That choice can be based on many different things. We imitate for acceptance, we imitate what appeals to us (based on our own personality), and we imitate what we learn is the right or wrong thing to do. The combination of our choices makes up who we are and how people perceive us.

I just think it's interesting how many people imitate for acceptance and I wish there were more who would imitate those things that are beautiful and kind and wise.

As we imitate, we become the things that we imitate. If we imitate knowledge, we become knowledgeable. If we imitate wisdom, we become wise. On the other hand, if we imitate popular thought, we begin to think the way everyone else does on our own.

Sad, really, how many never learn to ask, "Why? Why do I imitate? Why do these others do the things that they do?"

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