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Friday, July 25, 2008

Self Government

Occasionally, (very occasionally) I find myself wishing there were someone to tell me "No" so that I don't have to tell myself "No."
It's so hard to do what's best for yourself in the long run when it comes to wanting something NOW. This is especially true for me when it comes to food and money. I know that if I don't buy that purse or if I eat a pb&j instead of eating out, then those few dollars I save each time will add up in the long run and make me, if not rich, at least comfortable in my old age. If I could pay off my debt instead of buying more things, then I could use the money I am paying in interest to buy a lot more shoes and fast food later. But I continue to spend the money now... and each time I do, I lose the interest I could be gaining on that money in the future (which ends up being a lot of money).
It's the same with food. If I would eat things that are healthier for me and forgo the donuts, then I would live longer and be thinner and feel better. But I still eat the donuts.
Why is it that we must have things NOW? It was much easier when we had parents to see the big picture for us and to make those decisions. At the same time, there are so many parents who can't do the same for themselves.
It is a sure sign of maturity when a person can let go of what they want now for something better in the future.

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