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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As frustrated (and even depressed) as I sometimes get with this adjustment to staying home, I am beginning to find things that I really enjoy about it. There are times when I feel like there is something wrong with me because I haven't been enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. But perhaps I was just looking in the wrong places. With this opportunity I have been given, I really want to find ways to bless others and be productive. I was watching an episode of Extreme Home Makeover recently and one of the guys on there was talking about how (in the middle of his misfortune) he never felt sorry for himself and even kept a list of things he and his family wanted to do for other people. When asked about it, he basically said that life is not about helping ourselves (with entertainment, money, status, power, etc.), it is about helping other people. That keeps coming back to me and I have started to consider how much time I put into just surviving and entertaining myself. I want to find ways to spend my time investing in things that are more important (and eternal)! That doesn't mean that I have to neglect myself and I certainly can't spend so much time doing things for others that I don't have time for my family. But I think that I can start with some small things, like bringing a meal to someone who needs it. When I get to the point where I don't have a baby attached to my breast 24/7, I'd like to find some volunteering opportunities. It would also be good to find ways to just build relationships with other people. I'm happiest when I am in a community of people and just hanging out with others. Mike and the kids and I have had some great times as we have been having friends over more often and developing better relationships with them. I love it!

One of the things I am learning to do is SPEND LESS MONEY! Boy, is that hard! Since my job paid for almost all of the extra things in our life (like entertainment, parties, eating out, etc.), I am learning what a dollar is really worth. At first, I kicked against the idea of limitations and restrictions, but I'm finding that limitations really help your creativity! I have had fun finding ways to save money at the grocery store, finding free or cheap fun things to do, cooking and baking, and learning to budget (for real this time).

I'm also getting to spend more time with my wonderful children. I have been working with David on his colors, counting, shapes, etc. I get to just sit and look at Keeley for a while. She's starting to make sounds I think I'll be able to report her first smile soon! Since my day is filled with children, staying at home all day hasn't afforded me much more time to spend with Mike, but I'm hoping that as Keeley gets more independent, I'll get things done during the day so I can spend more time in the evenings with Mike. Right now, I can't wait for him to get home so he can help out with one kid while I get something done. I have to tell myself that this is just a phase so I don't get too discouraged with my inability to get things done the way that I'm used to getting them done.

Some of the things I'm considering doing as I adjust:
Make a folder of pictures of the way I want to decorate my house
Work more on writing my book about common sense business
Build a website for a business I'm considering starting
Build a blog/website with info about events and things to do around Memphis
Be more creative with cooking and baking
Take photos with the awesome camera Mike got me for Christmas
Do more crafty/artsy projects
Study real estate (maybe go to school to study real estate)
Read more
Plant and maintain a vegetable garden and do some landscaping

This week, I want to:
Find a good book to start
Write more on my book
Take some photos of Keeley and David and edit them
Take some photos at playgroup on Friday
Make a menu and some yummy meals
Find some photos on for building a website
Put more music on my iPhone

Okay, before I go, I have to tell you what my David did yesterday. Hannah (my sister) asked him how much he loved her and he said "This much!" as he held his arms out. Then, when my sister, Berakkah, asked how much David loved her, he said... "A little less." The funniest part is that Berakkah is his favorite person in the world and he seemed to just be messing with her. When Mike asked him about it that evening, David said "kiddin!" Hilarious! David is so much fun!

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