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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cherry Trees & Photo Editing

My sister, Berakkah, is gorgeous. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), she can't see it... she just sees the flaws. The cool thing is, she isn't just gorgeous on the outside, she's also one of the most genuinely caring people I've ever met. Animals and children love her in a way that is extraordinary. I guess you could almost call her a baby whisperer. Sometimes, because she's so giving, she gets run over a little bit. She'll do just about anything for the people she cares about... but don't take her for a spineless sissy. She's got guts! She knows what she believes and will stand up for it. Plus, she has a quirky sense of humor that giggles at boogers and farts. I like hanging out with B (that's what we nicknamed her), especially when we sing together. Her specialty is the high harmony in songs. We also have fun doing art and craft stuff together. I'm often afraid of taking advantage of her because she gives so willingly. Being a mother of two small children, I'm inclined to accept any help available and Berakkah certainly makes herself available in an inordinate way. She's turned into an incredible woman... and I'm super proud!

In Memphis, the cherry trees bloom at the beginning of spring for a max of maybe two weeks. It's a sure sign of spring and many Memphians have a long standing tradition of taking family photos each year when the cherry trees bloom. So far, that hasn't really been a Stablein family tradition, but we've always enjoyed the blooming trees. This year, when my Aunt Carol came into town, we went out and had some fun taking photos under the cherry trees. Then tonight, I had fun using Picasa to edit the photos. I think the photos of B are stunning!

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