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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Autumn & Kevin Engagement Photos

This past weekend, I took engagement photos for some friends. I am still learning, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Of course, as soon as I think I'm doing alright, I go look at some other blog (like this one) and see ahh-mazing photos that blow me away. I'll just have to keep in mind that there is always so much higher to aspire. The session was really fun. The couple are super laid back and we just enjoyed the day. The plan was to get out in the morning light, but we got started a bit later than what would have been ideal, so we were battling the *too-bright* sun. Those contrasts between shadow and bright sun are hard to deal with. We just stayed in the shade for the most part and used a reflector to get some light on their faces. Here are some of my favorite photos:

This weekend, we did a garage sale. I failed to take photos, but suffice it to say that I am GLAD it is over. It was worth it, but it was a LOT of work. No more garage sales at our house until at least next year! One of the awesome things about it is that I got to clean out my house. We actually have space to walk now and everything seems bigger. Yay big, clean house!

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Trish said...

These pictures are amazing. I am very impressed but not surprised by your talent. I love you & I know without a doubt that their wedding pictures will be exceptional.

The Heart said...

Aww! Thanks Trish! I am excited (and a little nervous) about the wedding! It will be fun!

Trish said...

I dont have the words to tell you exactly what I think about the wedding pictures. No matter how many words come to mind to express what an incredible job y'all did, it doesn't seem to be enough. You & your dad have a gift, not just a talent for photography. The pictures are so much more than I ever could have imagined & I KNEW they would be perfect but they ended up being so much more. You have so many gifts & talents. Everything I have witnessed you do, you have done far beyond a professional job.
I love you & I am blessed to call you my friend.