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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Each morning, I look at myself in the mirror and smile a little satisfied smile... But by evening, I am kicking myself. When I got pregnant, I planned to workout constantly during the pregnancy, so I wouldn't have as much to work off this time (second baby). Not so much... pregnancy is hard... and working out while I am pregnant is even harder. So that leaves me with a 50+ pound gain during pregnancy. Granted, I lost some of it in the form of a baby (yay! she is such cute weight loss!), but I still have a lot to go. A couple of months after Keeley was born, I realized (for certain) that the weight wasn't going to go away on its own... at least not on my timetable, so I decided to work out. The problem is, when you have two kids (one breastfeeding), working out isn't very practical (unless you are uber-rich and can afford to have a live-in nanny). I tried Zumba at a local church for a while, but it was just so stressful to try to get there at a certain time and make sure that Mike was home in time to watch the kids. So, instead of the gym, or even jogging, I decided to give the ol' workout video a try. And guess what? It works. I started with a set of four DVD's from Target called "Dancercise" and progressed to this:

I have never loved working out, but I LOVE dancing. This gives me that feel of dancing, along with the sweating and sore muscles (that I don't love). I have also been using a workout on Hulu for some strength training (from Self magazine... something about getting a bikini ready body). I had lost 20+ pounds at my 6 week check-up, and I've lost about 20 since then. I guess it's going.

My method is not quite as dramatic as the HCG diet that a lot of people I know have tried, but I can't do that while I'm breastfeeding anyway. That HCG diet is super effective! I hear it's based on a homeopathic recipe (take some drops along with some method of lowering calories/eating certain types of food), and my friends have lost dozens of pounds each. Crazy! Perhaps I'll give it a try one of these days.

Sorry I've been out of touch lately. We went on vacation for a week (last week), and I haven't been able to get myself into a routine for getting creative things done. Grrr! I have to pull myself together so I can feel like I am using my time well!

Over and out for now. I'll report back again soon with some crafty or creative thing I've worked on (hopefully!).

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