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Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Jack

My friend, Susanna, had a baby boy last Monday... and the baby passed away on Saturday. I can't imagine the grief of losing your firstborn child after six days. It was kind of a miracle that he lasted that long, really. And his death, as tragic as it is, has had an incredible impact on so many people. Their FB page for baby Jack currently has over 1700 members. An anonymous donor paid for baby Jack's funeral in full this morning before the family had a chance to pay. With all of the hospital bills, it was a tremendous blessing to them.
The funeral was this morning... I just keep thinking about that tiny baby coffin that was so small that only two men carried it. You know, it normally takes 8 pall bearers to carry an adult coffin. There couldn't have been a dry eye in the room during the funeral ceremony when we watched a video about baby Jack and his family. That baby was precious. The thing that really strikes me is the way the family is handling this situation with such grace and peace. Susanna was talking about the lonely people with babies in the NCCU that didn't have family and friends surrounding them and asking other people about themselves. I know that the reality of the situation hasn't really sunk in for the family, but the consideration of others in a severely traumatic situation is inspirational. My family has been friends with Susanna's family for years and Susanna was my nurse at my OB/GYN office with my first baby. She was amazing... and still is! With love for the family and especially for Susanna, I created this print (above) and gave it to her at the reception after the funeral today.

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