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Monday, April 18, 2011

La Maison

Sunday, we happened upon a little antique shop in East Memphis that was having a sidewalk sale. Suspecting that their prices were a bit out of my price range, I was hesitant to even look, but my husband encouraged me to take a peek. Out of my range it was, but I am glad I took a peek since I got some ideas and found some things that I really like. Perhaps I'll find something similar at an antique store that is within my price range. But for those of you with bigger budgets, I encourage you to check it out. (Here's a link La Maison.) Those of you with budgets more like mine, you can window shop with me here.

I loved this display of lovely flowers (water lilies? cabbages?). Mostly, I loved the color and the shine! Ooooo, shiiiny!!!
And this little display of antique christening gowns caught my eye. How innocent and precious.
These curtains would look great in my living room, but not for $500 a pair!
I would love to do my little boy's room with this little bed and with a sailing theme... especially since my husband loves to sail.
And these lamps are exactly what I'm looking for in my living room, again though, not for $300 a pair.
This display was inspiring. I especially love the ribbons by which the silver platters hang on the wall. Not sure I would have ever thought of hanging my good silver on the wall??? But I must say it has a beautiful effect.
This little table/desk would look beautiful in front of the window in my dining room. I would use it as a little desk for my laptop and printer. So much better than my current monstrosity of a desk!
And finally, this little red nightstand... I love a pop of red. Not sure where I would put it in my house, but it is just too, too cute!

Over and out for now!

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