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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plotting and Pondering

As you can see, I have a new header. I figured it was time for something more customized than the standard Blogspot deal, so here is what I designed. It was actually my husband's idea to emphasize the "art" part of heart and I am really happy with how it turned out. =) I also designed a button to go along with it, so if you have a blog, you can add me to your page now! Yay!

I am working to open an Etsy shop soon, but I am getting my products ready and working out all the little details before I get it open. I will post a link just as soon as I get things up and running. I will be selling my little headbands and flowers and hopefully some cute prints as well. Here are a couple of photos:

My adorable baby girl is modeling for me here.

I have also started a Pinterest account and you can check out all the eye candy that I have been collecting for the past week or so. Pinterest is like a visual collection of all your favorite things. Check out my pinboards here.

One thing I noticed as I have been collecting pins is that it seems like there are only 9-12 visual representations of women's interests on Pinterest... in the form of pinboards. Perhaps it is because those are the pinboards suggested to you when you join, but I have a feeling that maybe it is because we all have a lot of the same interests. I see boards for:

home decorating
beautiful places we'd like to be or visit
DIY Projects
Parties and celebrations

Perhaps those are just very broad categories or perhaps they are most easily represented visually. Anyway, I mentioned it to my husband as an interesting item and he responded that men also only have a few categories of interest. Those might include:

video games
and ummm.....

Just kidding. My husband has lots and lots of interests... like sailing, bicycling, learning, dancing, garage sale-ing, and much more.

Over and out for now. I'll ponder the interesting things I come across until next time I can share my pondering with you. =)

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