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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Stash: A wonderful store full of unique furniture (with personality) at affordable prices. Also, a new favorite of mine. These kind of finds aren't everyday kind of finds! It's so refreshing to find a store that doesn't sell the same, same, same. Check it out...

A nice little armoire. Almost looks like an antique.
Love this sort of rustic table and linen covered chairs. SOLD... bummer.

My mom loves all things red... she would love this furniture set.

And I do dearly love this combo. The poppies POP off the pillow with their peppy color.

Love this artwork.

And this!

Such an elegant display. See all those white chairs in the background? You can choose the style you like best and have it covered with the fabric you like best.

Here is a better photo of some of the styles that are available.

Here is the sign that hangs over the white gaggle of chairs.

Great color green!

More great artwork for your living room.

Gorgeous painted buffet.

Beautiful chair.

More about Stash.

Cool eye chart.

And a beautiful red chair.

Cool concept for a sitting area.

Nice combo.

Their logo says it all.

Check them out at their website or on Facebook.

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